[FEEDBACK] Wish light enable disable toggle for Rendered

Hello Rhino Team!

I’m making an interior and I’m using just a linear light. There is a big difference between rendered and cycles render raytraced view. Since I need more light intensity in the raytracing view but is too much light in rendered view, I wish for a toggle option, on the light window panel, to switch the light off when I’m in the rendered view. In this way, I do not need to turn my light on for rendering and off for work.

I’m using Rhino7 on Windows10, RTX3090, PostProcess denoiser ON

Make two copies, one for raytraced and one for rendered. then use the light panel to then them on or off as needed.


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But in that way, I will need to switch off the rendered light, on the rendering light and then hit ray-trace, And when done re-switch back?

Actually, I use the panel. I wish one more option on it so it does it automatically.
Or there is something Im missing?

I don’t think there is anything automatic in Rhino to do what you are after (multiple lights, some need to be on in one state, others in another state).
Perhaps you could use Snapshots and only save light states, in Rendered and Raytraced scenarios.
But in that case you would need to re-record the snapshots each time you add a new light/lights.

Another option would be to name the lights (let’s say A for raytraced, B for rendered) and use a very simple script to toggle between the two, based on name and current display mode. That’s probably what I would do if there was a need over here.



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there is not an automatic option at the moment

Yep, i was trying
! _PropertiesPage _Pause _Light
! _SelLight _Properties
Turn On
is not there expose as an option

Here a short script that uses two light groups called Raytraced and Rendered respectively. Running it will switch between the two.

poc_select_light_group.py (522 Bytes)