Problem with lights in Rhino for Mac

Hello! I have some problems with rhino lights. I can’t control them. I move the controllers (intenity and shadow) but it doesn’t change a thing. Before with toucan that was easy, but now not. I have turned on my toucan render but i can´t find the lights controllers (if they exist).
How can i low the intentiy of muy lights or what am i doing wrong?

Hrmmm. Sounds frustrating. I presume you are trying to manipulate the lights from their Object Properties controls here…

I am using Rhino Render and adjusting the intensity and shadow works as expected. Can you send along the file you are having trouble with?

Hi @dan ! i think i solved the problem. I read here that the way to low the intentity was with de color (white is the highest and black de lowest). I was used to control lights with toucan controlers, but now they are gone :frowning: I miss toucan…actually i really miss vray (i used to work with it but i have a mac now! buuu)…i wish you can bring vray to mac!
Thank you for your quick answer!!

Toucan can be re-enabled with the “TestShowToucan” command. Toucan is a dead-end renderer that we will not be improving or maintaining, so use at your own risk.

…actually i really miss vray

I’m a VRay fan as well. As I’m sure you know, VRay is a plugin by Chaos Group; not McNeel. We are working hard to supply the SDK necessary for third-parties like Chaos Group to develop plugins for Rhino for Mac, but this will not be ready before we release.

Have you tried Maxwell or Keyshot?

@dan thanks! yes i have already re-enabled the “TestShowToucan” command. I know is very risky to keep on using it, but i got used to it and it’s hard to let it go jajaja.
I know vray is not from McNeel, and i am aware that you are working very hard to make a perfect plug in for renders (i have no doubts) :smile:

I’ve never tried keyshot on mac, i thought it was a version only for windows. And Maxwell is very expensive for me, so i’ve never used it :frowning:
You think is better for me to start with keyshot?

I’m not advocating for any specific renderers :wink: but rather pointing out that there are other options that work nicely with Rhino for Mac. Yes, Keyshot works on Mac.

I have to say I miss toucan a lot as well.
I miss simple ambient occlusion and a full set of controls for render quality.
I’m still trying to figure out how to change the cone size of the spotlight and it’s softness.
All my current renders turn out incredibly grainy with the new renderer and I can figure out why…

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@dromepeter I have the same problem as well!!!

The issue with the grainy render ended up being a point light that was coincident with a surface. You can read more in the connected topic. This might be the issue you’re having too but if not, post a file in a new topic and I’ll take a look. I can understand the frustration of the rendering tools changing but they needed to for development to move forward on Rhino for Mac. I will make some tutorials on how I’d use Rhino Render on the Mac soon too which may help. The quick gather ambient occlusion in Toucan was indeed fast but I can get the same if not faster using rectangular lights if that helps. The skylight in Rhino Render is also faster than full gather AO was in my experience.

Hey, I’ve tried both Keyshot and Maxwell at a design studio I visit every now and then, but Maxwell really had more to it… Keyshot felt awfully counter-intuitive and it looked like a weird port from Win to OSX.

Maxwell is also a port I assume, judging by the interface. But it made more sense to me and things just worked better.

For now I decided to focus on getting better at working with Rhino rendering. Maybe it doesn’t output the best renders, but by using it in an unorthodox way (together with photoshop) I still managed to crunch out a few nice looking renders.

I’m still looking for some nice tutorials on rendering, found this: and if anyone has some more free tutorials, be free to post them here :slight_smile:

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Thanks @BrianJ tutorials will be very helpful!
How can i send you mi rhino file? the last time i made renders they were like sharp, i don`t know how to describe it. Even though they were 1280x720 pixels. I must be doing something wrong. I always use rectangulas lights because i think they are more warm and easier to control. My biggest problem with lights is when i want to reproduce a lamp light for example in a scene, perhaps you can make a tutorial with something like that??
Thanks in advance! :wink: