Problem with filleting polyline cells

Hi there. I have a problem with filleting my cell structure. I would like to fillet each cell by some radius, but when you look at discontinuity component my cells are composed of several different polylines. Any suggestions how to rebuild it, to have a clear geometry for fillets ??? Thanks a lot for help.

Offset negative then positive with the radius of fillet.
Clipper is good at that.


THNX! It works, but how can i control the radius of fillet ? Is this the right connection?

SORRY i got it :)))) distance*2 is the radius.

Hi there, I have another small problem, which i cant solve. I want to replace several items in list, but in the filleting process some of my cells dissapear and then my list of index is different lenght, then list of items. Any suggestions how to solve it plss


it is hard to answer without any script. You could keep track of structure if you use dataTree, you will have some branches without object so you could replace that with something you want.
It is also very useful to use Datatree because if you provide a list of curves Clipper make calculation with all the polylines as a single object. For your problem you don’t need to have this logic.