Filleting voronoi cells with edge-length-dependant-radii

Hello dear gurus

Today I have problems coming up with a clean way to fillet all the cells the way I manage to fillet just one in this linked file.

The grouped part of the script is supposed to be connected directly to the Voronoi on surface-component, skipping the List Item. When I do that everything goes bonkers though. I assume it is a simple thing that I missed here to make it work for all the cells, but a couple of hours of squinting is enough for now and I ask help :smiley:

The first half of the file is rather irrelevant.

Thanks in advance! (15.8 KB)

Oh yes, I am aware of the Adaptive Fillet, but it didn´t really work. A lot of weird circles and ZigZag-fillets appeared all around my Voronoi.

If you graft the input it should work.

Still, some curves fail by themselves with your logic. For example, try index 47 on the list item.

Also the Fillet component can’t take multiple radii at the same time, never really understood why, maybe @DavidRutten can help.

Anyways, this is why even with a single input from your List Item you are getting 5 different curves. I imagine that is why you are using the explode and join curves after, but this brings a whole lot of problems.

In blue groups the two components I added (Graft and Shift Path) and I also removed the ‘Flatten’ output of the Clean Tree component.

You might want to try:

You might have better luck just using Fillet Distance

Check this as well… (26.1 KB)


Thanks guys!

I could not make the first proposal to work (got em circles in where a fillet should be even though looks like it should work since in the picture it all looks nice) but the last one is like magic!

Gotta study now how it works exactly.