1. Planar surface routine returned no results - tree structure

17_06_20.gh (38.4 KB)

Hello everyone!
I would like to understand why when I connect curves (from the Fillet component) to “boundary surface” the script does not work (the message is the following: Planar surface routine returned no results).
would there be a solution to this?..'cause I’m struggling!
Attached the file, so that you can take a look.


Your data structure is messed up. You create countless polylines from only 2 points each (so only lines) and then try to fillet them, that won’t work and produces invalid curves.
I think it would be much easier to get the lines you work with as isocurves of the surface. If you want polylines you can divide the curve by points and join them into a polyline. If you want to offset your surface before that’s no problem.

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