Hframe makes on curve points

I make plane normal but I need hframe planes.
how to make horizontal frames on curve point?

If you are looking for a horizontal frame at specific points along a reparameterized curve (i.e. 0.0, 0.5, 1.0), you can use Horizontal Frame, reparameterizing the curve input and then inputting the values between 0-1.

Alternatively you can use it with something like Curve Closest Point. Curve Closest point outputs the curve parameter (t) at the point, which you can then input into the Horizontal Frame Component (dont reparameterize in this instance).


thank you for reply my question.
I already vertical points on curve.
afterthen, I made a square structure but it is’t same direction on horizontal frame.
If you know fix ways?

fix vertical frame.gh (26.1 KB)

Something like this?

fix vertical frame_V2.gh (21.0 KB)

yes, thank you for try to solve a problem!
I fixed a problem.

That’s the same method I used. In the file I also showed a simpler option to get to get to this goal.