Problem with contour of a parametric srf/mesh

Hey guys does anyone of you know why grasshopper takes just one part of a section, generated of a parametric surface/mesh, and put it into the grafted list of the contours? I want every second section in list but the section through the whole form and not just from one side. In the pictures you see the different chosen lines by the different lists

“List Item” is just selecting the first item in each branch (each section). Use something like “Tree Branch” to select the branches by number.

The P input is a list of numbers.

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Thanks Tim.

what did you chose for the expression by the count input from your series?

just “x/2”

Okey but know i have this problem

How can you do a division without an input in B? I can’t do that

sorry, theres a value of “2” inside B

Ah okey i tried that but than i have a dataproblem with the tree branch. The message says that the path of these values do not exist within these trees.

I am sorry, i am just in the beginning of my grasshopperlife :smiley:

No problem! You probably just need to “simplify” the branches coming out of the contour component.

Or else check that the numbers going into “P” are the same as the names of the branches going into the “T” of the Branch component.

Thanks man, amazing. It worked out :smiley:

I tried the same for “the other half” of the contours but i guess i need to change smthg because it doesn’t work out

Great. Yeah, you will have to change the start number in series to “1”. And depending on the number of branches, the “C” might have to be “(x/2) - 1”

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Ah thx i got it.
But know i had to delet A/B and change the expression at both series because i copied the dataset after the tree statistics.

Thanks a lot again!! You saved hours of sleep :smiley:

after thinking about it some more, this should be a better solition.

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Ah don`t worry, it works :smiley:

But do you know how i can organise the start point /end point of the orientations of my bricks along these curves?

Because the bricks do not orient in the rigth way alog the curves which are splittet in 2 parts and so one end of my form ends like this