Problem with camera changing target by itself

It seems to happen mostly when the camera is set at a wide angle and when there are long objects; some views that are saved as “NamedViews”, when recalled, will have the target move really close to the camera when I desactivate/activate the viewport and we see the z-clip limit or objects disapear. An example:
When set:

After clicking in another viewport:

Hi Marc,

I could be related to this setting:

Try turning it off; does that help?


Thanks Willem, I’ll check next time I get into this trouble.

It’s happening again today and this setting doesn’t help…

Hi Mark - thanks, I’ll see if I can make this happen. If you could send me a file with the named view that should help eliminate some guesswork.


The problem is that if I close and open the file, it won’t happen anymore, in most cases.
I prepared a file for you but the problem isn’t showing up…

Hi Marc - the effect may depend upon some object quite far behind the camera. Just a guess…


Yes, it is most surely. But even when they’re hidden they may induce this behaviour…