Problem using Trimesh

Hi everyone,

I am trying to meash an object (closed brep) using triangular element using Trimesh component in GH. I’ve done similar meshes with similar object but in this ocasion I am not capable of it. The component is not working an the error says Runaway vertex circulator. I don’t know how to solve it. Would anyone help me?

image (236.5 KB)

Thanks in advance

Your mesh is miles from the origin - this often causes problems with many mesh operations.
Moving it back near the origin avoids this problem.

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Hi -
Alternatively, you can mesh the brep in your Grasshopper graph (I’ve used quality settings in this case) and feed that mesh into the Trimesh component:


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Yes, as Wim says, it can also sometimes help to do a custom meshing of the input before remeshing. (238.8 KB)


Thank you so much! Both answers help me a lot!