Problem to activate CloudZoo on trial version


(David González) #1

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago before buy a license of Rhino 6.0, I installed the trial version.
Now I choose to use the license through CloudZoo just to share it with another member of the company, the problem is that I don’t know how to pass from TrialVersion to use Rhino 6.0 with Cloudzoo, my partner installed Rhino 6 from zero and he hadn’t any problem.

I tried to unisnstall Rhino 6 and install it again, and it is still on trial version with no option to change to Cloudzoo o similar.

Does anybody know how can I change this?


(John Brock) #2

It’s possible but it would be far simple if your colleague got their own evaluation license.
Why do you want to share yours?

(David González) #3

In my department work more than 10 people, for the moment just two of us are going to use Rhino, so we have 2 license. But coming soon, more people of the team are gonna be familiar with Rhino and probably they want to use it too.

So my basic problem it is that i want to pass for trial version for Rhino registered through CloudZoo, and I don’t know how. I saw the possibility to register Rhino on my computer as a single license, but this option blocks the possibility of share that license with more people.