Problem rendering curved surface

Hey guys, im having trouble with rendering a curved surface, in rhino it looks perfect, but when i import to keyshot it gets deformed. Can some one help me? Thanks.

Hi Gabriel

Is it possible for you to upload the file, or part that is having issues to take a look at, Rhino if possible.
I have access to both programs, so hopefully I can help on this.

som.3dm (7.7 MB)
Sure, here it is

Okay so the problem seems to be scale in your Rhino file.
I’m not sure if it’s this size on purpose but the play button alone is only 0.7mm across.

So once I scaled up the model and imported it into Keyshot, i didn’t have any issues.

  • Rhino has a default tolerance of 0.01mm, so when you zoom into those tiny buttons, the edges get ‘fuzzy’

The images below I scaled up the model so the buttons were 5mm across (still tiny), but much improved edges.

Wow, it worked. I really didnt know that sclae was a problem… Learned something today. Thank you very much!

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