Problem removing image from rhino viewport - please help!

Sorry this is my first time here. I’m having a lot of issues with my render viewport.

There is a weird image popping up in my render view port in Rhino. It is of an image that I never put in and I cant seem to remove it. It takes over the entire render viewport and when I move my model, it moves around the image (360 degrees).

It isn’t a bit map background image either since I have tried adding/removing one. It shows up only in render mode. It doesnt seem to be a v-ray issue since I have checked my environment settings.

Please help!

There is also this weird vignette thing happening on my viewport too:


You have an Environment established.
In the Render pull-down, click on Environment Editor.
You’l;l see something called ‘Rhino Interior’ That’s an image we supply to give renderings something realistic to reflect.
Right-mouse click on it and choose Delete.
That will get rid of it.

It’s also possible this image was set as a viewport “Wall paper” image.
If that’s it, right click on the Perspective viewport name, choose Viewport Properties, and uncheck the Show Wallpaper option.