Problem. Hitting undo at any point clears any selected faces on a SubD object?

For some reason, selections are constantly getting cleared when I use SubD objects. This never happens with regular curves or surfaces.

Here’s an example video. Notice what happens when I’m selecting faces and manipulating them. The moment I hit undo, the selection completely clears and I have to reselect all over again.

Compare this to the selection and manipulation of control points on a curve. You can select them, manipulate, hit undo, etc. The selection never clears. This is normal.

This is killing my SubD process, because it effectively makes it impossible to work with. I can’t confidently select faces and move them around in space with confidence because if I ever hit undo to take a step back, the entire selection clears out.

Is this a bug, or is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Hello - I see this as well… it is true for all sub-object selection, not just SubD ones - SubD control point selections, for example, are not lost. Here.


Correct. This basically affects everything on SubD objects, including control points as you mentioned. Bug? Or is there some other way I can be directly selecting and manipulating SubD objects without constantly losing selection?

Hello - what I meant is that sub-objects in general are deselected on undo, not just SubD ones. Surface edges etc. as well as SubD edges and faces. But here, control point (F-10, PointsOn command) selections are not lost on any object on Undo…

I would call it a limitation, I don’t know if it is a bug… but yes, it would be nice to make that better. I’ll see if it is on the pile, it rings a bell…


I see. It’s a bit of a nightmare right now, and basically kills the usability of SubD modeling, as a huge aspect of it is selecting and moving around faces without constantly losing selection :slight_smile: Really hoping for a fix on this and all other sub-objects as you mentioned!

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is it on the pile? For me this is one of the more irritating bugs/limitations when working with subd, it’s kind of the same as having no undo or loose your selection…

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Yeah I been having this problem too. making a selection, gumball moving it, not being happy with the result, and then you have to select it all over again.

I filed it as