Undo Gumball move loses selection

Agree about having the last move distance displayed in the decimal/unit format that the user chose in the units panel in Options.

Also: After I move subobjects with the gumball, if I use undo, the subobjects deselect. This shouldn’t happen. I should not have to create a named selection in order to experiment with a few different moves for subobjects. After calling undo, the subobjects should remain selected.


RH-59423 Undo deselects previously selected sub-objects


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That link goes to the current topic?

Yeah, sorry, sometimes the link getter on YT fails to copy - I’ll fix the link, thanks.


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Looks like I still can’t open it after editing the link.


Hm. Try now, please…


Works. Thanks.

Hi Max -

As Pascal noted, that request is on the list (a few times, actually).
For the time being, when you are about to undo and you remember that you have a sub-object selection, you could try the following macro in a button or an alias…

-NamedSelections Save S1 Enter Undo -NamedSelections Select S1 Enter


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This is major pain of working in SubDs in Rhino. One of the many of adding friction to the process and not wanting me to do any modeling in Rhino unless I really really have to.

@wim, @pascal, the pre-saving of name-selection is a great workaround. Would it be possible to turn this macro into a conditional script so it can be be mapped to Crtl-Z doing the following:

  • If there is no sub-object(s) selected run just “_Undo”
  • If there are subjects selected run “-NamedSelections Save S1 Enter Undo -NamedSelections Select S1 Enter”



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