Problem editing a path curve


I have an object set to follow a path. It’s not going quite how I wish it to go so I’d like to change the positions of some on the control points on the curve. The issue that I have is that although I can select the control points and begin to move them as soon as I finish the command the control points are back to their original positions.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received,

Many thanks,

I assume at some point you have moved one or more control points while Animation mode was active, hence causing the curve to “morph”. Could you see whether your curve has a pivot and one or more associated keyframes.

and if so whether Morphing is checked in the KeyframeEditor

When an object is being “morphed” it cannot be no longer reshaped outside Animation mode – the keyframes take over control. I guess that’s what causing your control points to jump back.

If my assumption is correct the cure for you is to unmark the Morphing checkbox in any (every) keyframe of the curve, or even better delete all keyframes associated with the curve.