Problem creating the shape I need with a networksrf

I am trying to create a complicated part with a lot of smooth continuous surfacing. It has a flat front for an LCD screen and a rounded back, almost like a smartphone. I’ve been trying to use network surface, but I keep getting a pinch point in the back (even though my guide curves that meet there are all tangent/perpendicular). The trickiest bit is the bottom, which I want to have three flat surfaces for resting on. The sketch and screenshots of my first and second attempts should explain this a little better.

What I need help with is creating this back surface. I’ve been trying to do it with a flat bottom to make things easier (with the idea somehow adding in the 3 sided bit later), but have gotten stuck. If there’s a way to do it all at once, then all the better.

Thanks for your help
olympusredo15b_screen0.3dm (10.8 MB)


Can you isolate and post what you are trying to do with NetworkSrf including the surfaces you obtain?