Cant replicate a demo facade

hey guys! so i was learning to use grasshopper from a digital book and tried replicated a facade, but my output seems to be totally different. if anyone could guide me on the same on where i went wrong, id be really grateful. i have uploade

Canteen (58.5 KB)

not easy to begin … first it could be good you internalize the curve you use.
Right click on curve component.

As I said size matters, if you don’t see the protusion it is because your protusion is surely too low
N is the normal and if it is a good normal its vector length is one. So you protrude to 3 units and a wall height of 3600. Just change the slider range.
Third it is better not to show you have a cracked version of Rhino. Many began like that but that’s not a reason.

I don’t understand.
Ist it that ?

Fifth thing
you have put X domain and Y domain pixel domain, but you input UV data that have 0 to 1 domain

=> change that

And if you want to change the orientation without changing the image

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@laurent_delrieu thank you so much! i dont know how i overlooked the slider out of all. and yeah ill keep that in mind. i just didnt know what to do after the student license expired in 3 months, neither could i afford it as im still pursuing my 3rd year in college. but again, thank you so much for your time and patience :slight_smile: