Printo to PDF bug - one object in PDF raised above all others

I have some labels with text (converted to hatches to work around certain font issues) and a box around them (also as hatch). Additionally, there is a white background hatch, so the text is radable against any background. The white background hatch sits below the text and box by 1mm. The three hatches (text, box and background) are grouped.

I am printing to individual PDFs, one per layer as ‘Display Color’. The result is almost as expected, except that on each PDF, exactly one of the white background hatches sits above the text, making it unreadable.

This appears to be a bug. I am using Rhino 6SR13.

I have attached the Rhino file (2 layers), as well as the PDF output from the ‘Print’ command:

Thank you for looking into this.

Hello- it looks like there are two labels in each location, I don’t know if that is intentional, but you can use draw order to send the white hatches to the back of the draw order - SelColor (white) and SendToback. As is this makes a jumble because of the superimposed labels, but with the draw order commands you should get what you need.

SendToBack SendBackward BringToFront BringForward ClearDrawOrder


This is a part of bg_L12.pdf, which two label boxes isolated and opened in Inkscape. I moved the white background boxes out a bit, and gave them a black stroke. I did not change the z-order of the objects.


Given that in the Rhino model, the white background boxes sit 1 mm below the text and orange box, I would expect them to be below the text and frame in the PDF output. Instead, in each PDF, exactly one of the white background boxes sits above the text and frame.

Yes, the 3dm I attached earlier does contain two layers with partically overlapping label boxes, but only one layer is printed to one PDF each, so there is no overlap.

Has this been accepted as a bug in the PDF engine? Do you need more info?

Here is an update on this. Maybe the previous example was too comples, so here is a simpler one…

The object order in the PDF output does not honour the objects’ elevation. In the Rhino model, the yellow hatch sits in ‘z’ above the blue hatch, which is above the red one. Yet in the PDF output, the red box sits above the other two objects.

Could McNeel please look into this. Thank you

3DM (6SR14) and PDF attached.
RGY_test.3dm (36.1 KB)
RGY_test.pdf (1.8 KB)

Hello - I see this, thanks - it uses the layer order. For now you can use the ‘draw order’ commands to help:

SendToBack SendBackward BringToFront BringForward ClearDrawOrder