Printing multiple layout change the display mode to wireframe (Bug)


I have a file with a lot of layouts, on the layout space I have logo and other stuff made by surfaces, curves and points.

Those object are displayed and printed exactely how they should be when the layout view is in shaded mode BUT with the big number of layout I have, I have to use “Print multiple” but this make all the non active layout to be printed in wireframe mode where they lose the color and some other properties.

in this image you can see that the active layout will print ok :

however the next layout as seen here have been auto-switched to wireframe mode (even if I set it to shaded) :

this was just an exemple but this is very frustrating when you have to use a special displaymode you have set for layout and a lot of layouts to print.

I also searched for this topic and found it have been discussed here (not clear but seems to be the same issue):

in the end pascal say it have been added to the bug list, but I can’t access that list to see if it’s being worked on.

so I will be gratefull if when can get an update on it or if someone knows a workaround.


So far as I can see it is on the list and not yet fixed. I’ll add a comment- thanks.


Ok thanks a bunch Pascal, it would be great if it get fixed.