Printing Issues with Blocked Objects

Having what I think is a regression for an issue I had reported last year (YT is **RH-64635 - Brep in Clipped Blocks Not Printing Edge Thickness). Over the last few service releases I have been have been seeing this issue reoccur and now after the most recent SR18 the problem has returned full force.

Sometimes blocked objects that are being cut with a clipping plan do not show edges. I have attached two example screenshots. “Test Page 1” shows the issue, “Test Page 2” shows printing functioning correctly. The issue is visible within a detail view in paper space and when a clipping plane is assigned to that detail view. When I notice the problem occurring I simply activate the detail view by double clicking inside it, then deactivate it by double clicking outside of it and presto! the polysurface edges return. Unfortunately when you have a huge drawing file with loads of detail views on many different layout pages it is hard to catch them all so in order to print a clean drawing set it often takes many many attempts. Its hard to recreate the problem on demand as I have not been able to identify a procedure to reproduce it…

Rhino Test Page 1.pdf (1.6 MB)
Rhino Test Page 2.pdf (1.6 MB)

Hi Brady - I have your file on the old YT item - I’ll try to reproduce it.


Thank you, its tough to recreate…I uploaded the file to rhino/upload

Hi Brady - in the old file, the detail that does not display clipped edge thickness properly (here it makes not difference whether blocked or not) has the camera X coordinate at


If I unlock the detail and set that to a more reasonable number, the display and print seems OK.


What units are those coordinates in? That is a huge number and all my models are built as close to the xy axis as size allows

In my current model the detail view is only 189" away from 0 on the x axis

HI Brady,
I was unable to duplicate this issue with your model and my Shaded display mode
and Rhino 7 SR19 2022-4-26 internal build.
Also I tested with the Rhino PDF or FoxIt PDF printers. (What PDF printer are you using? )
However I am able to duplicate this in Rhino 8 WIP. That is logged as RH-68445.

See that attached PDFs.

Could you send me your Shaded ini that you are using in the Detail?
I will test and see if it is related to a setting in your custom display mode.
Also set your viewport to Shaded that has been returned to defaults.
Does the print issue still occur?

FoxIt Rhino Test File-mary.pdf (252.8 KB)
Rhino Test Page 1 - mary 02.pdf (2.0 MB)

Thanks for your help.
Mary Ann Fugier

Hi Mary, here is my .ini file.
Rhino 7 options export.ini (177.9 KB)

Hi Brady,
The ini that you attached is Wireframe.

This is the display mode that I need to test:

Could you attach or email me the shaded ini?
It is quite a bit fancier than wireframe. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.
Mary Ann Fugier

I guess I am not sure what you are asking. The display mode I use in my drawings is a modified version of “Rendered” that I call “Paper Space Display”