Print Multiple Layouts - Not all selected layouts exported

I’m encountering an issue with the Print Multiple Layouts option in Rhino8. When I select multiple layouts to print under the Print Multiple Layouts dropdown list, not all selected layouts are being exported. The problem occurs consistently, with some layouts being missed at random on exporting.

I’ve tried this on different files and selected different layouts, but the issue persists. Has anyone else experienced this problem or found a solution? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

machine specs:
Rhino8.3 commercial version on a windows PC.

Hi -

Please change the update frequency to release candidates in the Rhino Options and let that install 8.7.


Thanks Wim.
I’ve updated to 8.7 which made all the layouts appear. Now when I go to print on my HP printer it keeps printing double sided sheets after 've turned off double sided printing in properties.