Printing drawing 2d

I guess this topic has been discussed but i can’t find it on the forum so i am asking for your help.
Why is the 2d drawing in the pdf broken when it prints? I printed the same drawing twice and got different drawing sizes?
My goal is to send drawings by email and clients print them themselves, but in what format should I send them a drawing, and in what format should clients print them?
When I print directly from Rhino to a printer I get the exact dimensions of the drawings, I know they can download rhino for free for 90 days, but that’s not my solution. How did you handle this?

Could you explain what you mean by “broken”?

Hi scenografi, tnx for answer
As I wrote, on one occasion I printed and the same drawing twice, and when I compared them, they were not of the same proportions, there was a difference of about 5 mm, later I read on the forums that the pdf file can be wrong or broken during printing, when converting with Rhin for pdf.

Hi -

I just printed the same layout twice and the resulting PDF files are identical. Can you provide steps and/or a model that behaves differently?

Hi, i ll check now

Here is what I mean, the lower one is pdf, bigger about 5 mm on all sides, the upper one is printed directly from rhino on a printer

Hi, can you look at the pictures below?

Can you take a look at the pictures below?

It looks like your print settings for your pdf file are not set at 1:1 scale.

Hi and tnx for help, I ll check tomorrow