Printing of PictureFrame Bug


I have 2 PictureFrame objects. One is located above another one (not in one plane)
Have noticed one bug when printing to PDF in Vector mode: PF1 located higher is not visible, only the border. PF2 located lower (behind PF1) is completely visible. I need a Vector mode as I have other Rhino objects to be printed.

Enclosed 2 files: screenshot top view and PDF-print top view.

Any hint?

Thanks,rhino_PrintPDF.pdf (17.7 KB)


Can you post the 3dm and the image textures used in PictureFrame? You probably know something I don’t about printing raster images to PDF using vector output but I’m not able to… it hasn’t worked for me using PDF995 so far.

Hi @BrianJ

Enclosed are the files.
At first I was not able to repeat this error again but if you move both surfaces (PFs) and try to print in PDF Vector - then this bug appears again.


PictureFrameTest.3dm (160.1 KB)

Thanks… it looks like picture frames will print in vector only in orthographic views or parallel projection. The issue with the gray image is that it was in indexed color, if you save a version as RGB it works as you expect.