Print to PDF filesize issue

I’m posting here to see if I can find others with this issue.

For a while I’ve had this issue where printing to PDF creates a large PDF filesize upon first print, but if I print again (without closing Rhino) the PDF filesize is significantly smaller.

The file I’m printing from has all the page layouts setup and it has a linked block. The linked file is composed of curves, blocks and text.

Original PDF: 9699 kb
2ndSave PDF: 3518 kb

While working with McNeel support, I discovered that if I use Adobe PDF printer instead of Rhino PDF, the printing takes way longer, but the filesize is consistently smaller than Rhino PDF.

McNeel has logged the issue for tracking, but they are unable to reproduce the problem. RH-74155 The link is not public because it contains some of our confidential files.

Here is an example of my print settings