Print to PDF doesn't recognize pictures transparency

If I insert a picture and adjust the material so it is say 50% transparent then it looks right in the view and the layout, but when printed the image is at full opacity.
(the print dialog also shows it at full opacity)

Can you please fix that? (@stevebaer )

We also still have the miss alignment when printing to pdf, so we have to use SaveAs PDF when in the layout, but that is a hassle since we every time have to choose printer, default print width and paper size. So it would be great to have that fixed. (we have discussed that before, but it regards stuff ON the layout and not the detail view, so it is a strange bug since SaveAS pdf works just fine)

This is definitely something that would be quite useful for our office - along with retaining transparency for the mask channel of images.

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You are getting different results when printing to “Rhino PDF” and saving as PDF?

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Yes, the stuff on the layout is not aligned correctly when I use Print.
I’ll find a file and sent it to you so you can see if you can reproduce it on your end.

Hi there,
I am experiencing the same with the transparency of pictures when printing with vector options. Or is it supposed to work with raster only (youtrack mentions vector specifically here…)

on mac, Version 7 (7.15.22029.15002, 2022-01-29)