Picture to remain transparent in vector print

My problem was slightly different: I needed a logo (PNG) in a Layout titleblock to remain transparent when sending the LAYOUT to PDF Printer. This worked only for raster prints, but the raster quality is insufficient. For Vector print, the background of the PNG logo became transparent. I tried a lot of things (including Bullzip PDF printer) but the only “trick” which worked was to put a white background under the logo image (which I did in Powerpoint, and saved it as a new image) and insert that withthe Picture command in the Layout.
It works but hopefully there is a better method…any suggestions?

Hi Baldo -
Since this was a different issue, I’ve moved your post to a new thread.

At this point, there isn’t a better way of doing that, no.
We have the request on our list as RH-57583 and I have added your post so that this thread will get notified if/when that feature gets implemented.