Print scale settings for model space and layout space are not remembered

One thing I noticed and wonder if it’s a bug?
In model space I create a drawing to be printed and use my HP printer with a scale of 1" = 1’ for 8.5 x 11 paper
In layout space I use cute ftp and scale is set to 1 to 1 for 8.5 x 11 paper.
Nice thing is Rhino remembers which printer I selected if I print from model space or layout space, but it looks like the scale settings for model space and layout space are not remembered.

When I go back to model space after using layout space the scale setting in the HP printer is now set to 1 to 1 which is what I had in layout space but don’t want if I print from model space. Same thing happens but in reverse for the layout space scale, there I have change it from 1" = 1’ to 1 to 1.

It would be really great if the scale settings for each space could be remembered especially since most jobs out of layout space will have the scale set 1 to 1 while model space will be set to other scales for printing.

@stevebaer any answers to this question.

I think this is a good suggestion and I would even take it further to attempt to remember print settings per viewport. These types of features won’t be added in a V5 service release, but are definitely things to consider for V6.

I wasn’t sure if it’s a bug or just the way things are I guess scale is not remembered but printer type is when switching from layout space to model space.
Looking forward to V6.
Thanks for the response