Print options not saved in file

Wip 17-03-15

The print options are not being saved with the file - ie I open a previously saved file, make some changes, go to print it, and all the options are just the default.
V5 remembers printer, paper size, scale, etc…

Also, it would be very helpful if, once you have chosen the “move” option to set the print window, it stuck until you hit enter to end it - in both V5 and 6 it reverts back to scaling the paper size after a single move - very annoying…


Thanks, I filed this as

and here’s the feature request for the move window comment…

They should be saved, but it’s not per file.


Yes - it’s the last settings before the last instance of rhino is closed, or something like that?
It appears as if it’s by file if you are working on a single project over a period of time, because you are always coming back to the same file.

But why shouldn’t the settings be by file?
For example, on one of the jobs I’ve been working on over the last few weeks, and every time I go to print, I have to use the set option to move the virtual paper a small amount every time - it is so annoying - why can’t exactly what I’ve set be stored every time I save?
Obviously it could, so i don’t know if this is just an oversight, or there is some philosophical reason why it isn’t…?


How would you handle storing printing settings when you received a file from someone with a different printer? What should happen if you open the file on a different computer with different printers configured, or perhaps none at all?

Well, if the printer wasn’t found, then shouldn’t it just set to defaults?

I want to print my work to the same (virtual PDF printer) far more times than I receive a file from someone else with different settings…


wip 07/04/15

still not saving / remembering the print setup.
Also, mismatch in imperial/mm (see screen shot).
So if my units are set as mm,it makes no sense to me to see anything in imperial…


Hi Tony- if the setting is saved in the file, you’d have to set it initially in every file. If it is an application setting that is remembered, you might always use the same setting and only rarely change it, or you might need to change it all the time per file - which makes the most sense for you?



Hi Pascal

For my money it should be per file.
I work on differing projects that typically need differing print setups, and having it remembered in the file, so it defaults to what the last used setup in that file was, would be great.
so for example, I’m working on three different projects at present; they are all completely different, but they all are to be built by other people in the real world. So I have to print (to PDF) the appropriate plans etc, at differing scales on differing size paper.
Having the print settings stored in each file would just make it all easier…


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