Remember print menu settings and enable file naming configuration

I’m printing a lot of layouts. The majority is layout 1-4, some are 1-5.

It would be convenient if the print menu remembered what I type into the “Multiple Layouts” field. @dan (I tagged you here because I just saw a reply from you on a similar request)

Basically remember the print settings … please

Another interesting thing would be configurable file names for PDF prints. It’s stupid to type file names by hand. OK, I use Grasshopper to copy a file name or parts of it to the clipboard so I only need to paste it. When printing a lot of similar layouts, this helps avoid mistakes in file naming. This has recently been added to Keyshot 9

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Second (third if we include @mortenengel from 4 years ago) this request!
Adds unnecessary delay to the print process and the possibility for mismatch/errors when quickly printing before a design review.

When printing from a model view in 6 or 7 WIP - it remembers the printer.
When printing from a layout view (where you would need this most) it does not remember in either 6 or 7 WIP.

Is this a regression or has it always been that way?

To answer my own question - save settings in the layout page settings.

Still doesn’t actually solve a problem we had earlier which is that the ‘Image File’ printer is not included in potential layout printers. (in 6 or 7 WIP)

We often create pngs for design reviews in a slide software (Slides, Powerpoint).

Is there any technical reason why we can’t set ‘Image File’ as the printer?

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