Print dialog settings not saved

Good morning,
I just happened to run into this little issue and thought I would get some insight from you all. When I print in Rhino6 for the first time in a session I have to set all the options the way I want…line type, page orientation, scale, etc. after I get everything set the first time it will stay that way until I close rhino and then open it back up. Upon restarting I then have to reset all my options the first time I print. I know Rhino5 would save settings from session to session, so I was wondering if there was something I was not doing? Or is there a way to save the settings from session to session?


Hi Jesse - thanks, sounds like an oversight, I’ll check it.

RH-39168 is fixed in the latest WIP

Awesome! I just noticed this after the update :slight_smile: Thanks

You’re welcome! Thanks for reporting the bug!

I’m having the exact same issue with the evaluation version (6.0.18016.23451, 1/16/2018)

I’m making a template file, I set the printer to PDF in the layout properties and when I hit print, the print dialogue opens up to everything at default settings and the selected printer is Adobe PDF. If I manually change everything to the settings I want, print the file, save the template file and close Rhino 6 it re-opens to the same default printer settings (letter page in portrait mode). The layout properties still shows the correct printer but the print dialog opens to the wrong printer.

I thought it may have had something to do with me importing my old template file from Rhino 5 but I tried making a brand new template from scratch and have the exact same issue. I also changed the allow other PDF printers to false in advanced options, after that it would use the correct PDF printer but all other settings still revert to defaults every time I open Rhino.


Hello - thanks, I can see this, at least partly… so far, here, a template with a layout seems to correctly set the printer but adding a new layout with its own printer does not automatically set the printer correctly… still poking.


I also reported recently that every time I open a new session V6 goes back to my default printer - even if I had set a different printer in the template file (which doesn’t appear to do anything). Printing from model space, not layout space.


Hi Mitch - I’ve been seeing templates set the printer OK, this morning at least, but so far it gets wonky with multiple printers,


I am not seeing that here (yet)… --Mitch

I wouldn’t expect you (or Pascal) to see this. The bug is on my list, but I haven’t had a chance to work on it yet.


OK, thanks Steve. While you’re in there doing surgery, here is my list of issues with the print dialog:

  1. On first run in a new session, it always opens with the default printer (the original issue) - should remember last-used printer
  2. On first run in a new session, it always opens with all the sections collapsed - I would like it to remember which sections were previously open if possible.
  3. The Scale>“On Paper” unit always defaults to “inch” - should remember the last setting
  4. Margins X and Y also default to “inch”

Thanks, --Mitch