Printing Issues

I’ve got a couple comments about the current state of printing:

  1. It would be nice if the print setup remembered my past settings after saving and closing a file. Right now if I reopen a file, the printer settings seem to be forgotten and I have to reset my settings every time.
  2. Print Preview is unreliable. The only way to know how something will look is to actually print it.
    a) arrowheads and line weights are particularly fickle. Right now my arrowheads on curves don’t even show up in the preview, and unless line weights are drastically increased they all look the same. if I make them thick enough to show up in print preview then when they are printed the line weights are way too thick.
    b) the line weight for clipping planes is even more confusing. Because edge thickness is controlled by pixel width, I have to jack it up to 7 (which is way too high for viewing details and print preview on screen).

Because I can’t use print preview to check how my prints will look I am spending a lot of extra time trying to figure out the right settings to make my prints look right instead of focusing on the important task of organizing and presenting the information on the page. If these issues could be looked into and improved that would be greatly appreciated.

Yep… reported this at SR0, keeps getting pushed back…

— Mitch