Print detail views in RASTER, but layout in VECTOR

Is this possible in R6? This completely breaks our drawing PDFs.

If I print all in raster, it all looks pretty, but no more page hyperlinks - A HUGE drawback.
If I print all in vector - detail views are all wire-frame looking - a totally unusable variant.

Can the detail views be forced to print in raster?

So Rendered and Artistic will print in raster when print in Vector selected, how do I force Shaded display mode print in raster the same way?

Little help here guys? We’re trying to move 26 seats over to R6.Vector Output.pdf (2.6 MB)
Raster Output.pdf (2.9 MB)

Sorry, I missed this one. Is this still a problem in the latest 6.17 release candidate. I’m having some trouble interpreting exactly what the bug is that you are describing. How are hyperlinks involved?

Nope, this is no longer the case. Not sure when the “fix” happened or if it was a problem on our end, but now Rhino prints as it’s supposed to. Hyperlinks come into play when you have text in Vector and you can process it in Bluebeam to create the links. It’s not possible if Rhino outputs text Rastered. Which, again, is no longer the case.

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