Print color to display color


Need to export dwg from rhino so that the colors in dwg are as print colors in rhino.

How is this achiavable? I thought i could set all objects to have display color “by print color” but there is no way.


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Hello Ivan

  1. In rhino set up layers colour which you would like to have.
  2. Move this lines which you want to those layers.
  3. Export files as dxf
  4. In AutoCAD, these lines will be in these colors as configured.


this is the manual approach :slight_smile: which is not very welcome (too tedious for so many objects). I just want to select all objects and use command (if there is) print color to display color. I do not have everything defined by layer. Objects color is defined individually for them irrespective for layers

That should be relatively easy to script… hang on…

OK, try this one out… (644 Bytes)

If you want to have this work on all objects in the file (including locked and hidden) rather than selecting objects to work on, edit the script file in a text editor and add the optional True argument to the last line inside the parentheses.


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This is it! thanks

@Helvetosaur Would you happen to have a magic button to do make all geo (crvs, in particular at the moment) the correct print colors COMING FROM DWG (not yelling, just specifying :grinning:)