Preview with adjustments for FlowAlongSrf

It would be much more helpful for making sure your objects flowed along surfaces turn out in the right orientation to have a preview step where directions can be easily swapped–indeed it might be best if it just used the UVN coordinates to assume which corners match up initially rather than pick points, since 99% of the time that’s what I want but the picking is interpreted correctly somewhat less than 99% of the time–than to have to repeatedly run the command trying to pick in the right spots to get what you want.


Yep… I agree 110% - I even made a ‘poc’ script that does this, years ago… I’ll dredge it up. For now, it may help in V6 to set AutoAdjust=No (latest SR has it I think) and set up the UV directions ahead of time for maximum predictability.

See if this works - it does here but I may have some support stuff in place that is helping,it’s hard to tell…
Drag and drop onto Rhino to add


All pretty kludgy and half-baked but just as a way to think about how it could work.

CooFlo_AllInOne.rvb (22.0 KB)


+1 for me.
The FlowonSrf in V6 it’s really unpredictable and give back almost always the wrong result.
YA a preview method to change and tweak the orientation would be very appreciated!


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