Preview Rhino materials (rmtl)

hello, I just discover that I can drop in materials in rhino layer directly by the folder’s materials (Render Content).
I think I mess up and select open the material with Photoshop. Now I am unable to see the preview of the material as previously How can I change it , which program allows the preview display?

the second image shows the preview correctly ( only working in concrete folder )


I’m not sure it will help but you can try this trick.
in location where you have those files, right click on them and go properties, then where you have “open with” click change and chose rhino.

Hope it will help.


didn’t work out, only c architectural/wall/concrete folder can be visualized…strange


Maybe you need to update material library,
did you try command _DownloadLibraryTextures ?


Hello -is the view in Explorer the same in all folders?


Hi, i am having the same issue and the view in explorer the same in al folders(I cant see any files preview). And also i run the DownloadLibraryTextures command also.
Problem solved with TestRestoreLibraryFileAssociations command. Thanks!

It worked for me many thanks Karakusc really many thanks