Material preview in library - rhino 6

Hi guys!

I’m very new to this forum and very excited to join the community. I recently bought Rhino 6 and one of my first intentions was to test out the new material library that comes with the program. In every tutorial the materials of the library are shown as a preview (screenshot 1) and I just can’t figure out how to achieve that. All I see are the symbols of an unreadable file format, as you see in my screenshot 2. Could you give me an advice what I need to do therefor?

Sorry if that is a very silly question, I could not find any response with google or in the forum, maybe because I don’t know the right term, as I am not a native english speaker.

Thank you in advance!


It isn’t a stupid question. Something has gone wrong though - so try this:

Type “TestRestoreLibraryFileAssociations” at the Rhino command line - you’ll have to type it all (without the quotes) because it won’t auto-complete. That should solve it.

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Thank you so much! It wasn’t my post, but it worked for me!

Andrew, the solution you proposed worked for me too, thank you very much!