Preserve Layouts on Rhino export to Vectorworks

Can Layouts Preserved on export from Rhino to Vectorworks

I don’t have and have never used Vectorworks.
It sounds like you have.

If you’re using DWG/DXF files for export from Rhino, they include Layouts.

Good to know. A colleague has been opening (in Vectorworks) Rhino-exported .dwgs from another colleague, and the layouts aren’t there. Will e xperiment.

If they are using a very old Rhino (like maybe V4), or using an export scheme from V6 that does not support Layouts (like R12), then that could be the cause of the missing Layouts.

They used V5.

Sorry, apparently I wasn’t clear.
When you export to DWG/DXF from Rhino, you choose the AutoCAD file format date.
Choose the newest format and see if that works.