Preparing for 3d print


Im having a difficulty in setting up a 3d print file. Please find attached file. I am trying to 3d print this at the correct scale and only the shell of the object in the file, however the shape does not want to stay after slicing it in the software, can anyone help with this issue? For Context, after printing, I would like this shape in order to cast an object inside.



2.3dm (1.2 MB)

it has naked edges everywhere

the simplest way for 3dprintg could be using JoinEdge
also you have some random surfaces inside

There are many flaws in this model.

  • The model is far away from the world origin (w0,0,0).
  • When I click the model, the object property panel says: “open polysurface.” You cannot print anything that is open.
  • The ShowEdges command says: “Found 418 edges total; 90 naked edges, no non-manifold edges.” This is VERY BAD MODEL! It is hard to make such bad model inside Rhino - you probably imported it into Rhino.

There are cuboidal solids in the “Blocks” layer. These solids touch surface to surface. Rhino works best when such touching solids are combined into one solid.


When you make new model, always set tolerance first (Options>Units). In general you should keep the absolute tolerance setting in the range of 0.01 to 0.0001, and never set it below 1.0e-5. If you need tighter tolerance, use smaller units instead.

Use these commands to check Rhino solids after you made them and before printing: ShowEdges, Check, SelOpenPolysrf, SelBadObjects. The ShowEdges command highlights (shows) all bad (naked or non-manifold) edges. If there are bad edges, it may be useful to separate them from good edges with ExtractBadSrf command. If the gaps are small, RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges command will remove them. Everyone I know sends closed meshes or closed STL files to the printers. We always make closed mesh first and check it. If there are flaws in the mesh, MeshRepair command usually helps.


Hi, thank you for the reply!

I have managed to eliminate all naked edges, do you think it is possible to print this without any infill and just supports?

Or maybe add a thicker wall thickness? if so, do you know how to do that?