Preferences export

(qythium) #1

Hi all,

How do I go about exporting my custom Rhino settings (everything listed in File-> Preferences, keyboard command sets, dimension styles, model settings) on RH5.4 for Mac, and reimporting them on another installation?

The only help page I could find is Windows specific, and the _OptionsExport command listed there does not work:

(qythium) #3

Ah, I see… thanks for the fast reply.
Any non-UI methods of getting to those preferences? Plist files hidden somewhere in the app bundle?

I’m basically thinking of doing a complete purge and reinstall of Rhino + GH (due to some increasingly annoying glitches), and trying not to lose any custom settings in the process.

(Marlin Prowell) #4

There are commands in Mac V5 for this. _ExportPreferences exports your preferences to a .plist file, and _ImportPreferences imports those settings into Rhino.

(qythium) #5

Just to be sure, does this exported information contain the custom keyboard shortcuts, toolbar settings and dimension styles? Those are located in different places from the “Preferences” dialog.

(Marlin Prowell) #6

Yes, all your customizations are in the Mac V5 plist file, and the _ExportPreferences copies the entire file. You can choose what to import when running _ImportPreferences. There are more manual techniques discussed here: