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Hi all,

How do I go about exporting my custom Rhino settings (everything listed in File-> Preferences, keyboard command sets, dimension styles, model settings) on RH5.4 for Mac, and reimporting them on another installation?

The only help page I could find is Windows specific, and the _OptionsExport command listed there does not work:

Ah, I see… thanks for the fast reply.
Any non-UI methods of getting to those preferences? Plist files hidden somewhere in the app bundle?

I’m basically thinking of doing a complete purge and reinstall of Rhino + GH (due to some increasingly annoying glitches), and trying not to lose any custom settings in the process.

There are commands in Mac V5 for this. _ExportPreferences exports your preferences to a .plist file, and _ImportPreferences imports those settings into Rhino.

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Just to be sure, does this exported information contain the custom keyboard shortcuts, toolbar settings and dimension styles? Those are located in different places from the “Preferences” dialog.

Yes, all your customizations are in the Mac V5 plist file, and the _ExportPreferences copies the entire file. You can choose what to import when running _ImportPreferences. There are more manual techniques discussed here: