Export/Import Preferences (WIP)

Continuing the discussion from Rhino 5 for Mac WIP Build 5D177w:

What’s New in this RhinoWIP:

• “ExportPreferences,” “ImportPreferences,” and “ResetPreferences” commands added[/quote]

hey Dan.

is exporting and importing preferences between different installs (different computers) supported?

as in- can i export preferences from rhino on an imac then import them in rhino on a mbp in order to, say, sync display modes and whatnot?

or are these commands meant to be used within a single install of rhino?


Well, the Windows version equivalents (OptionsExport/OptionsImport) are meant for going between any installs, either on the same machine or on others… There is no ResetOptions command on the Windows side AFAIK…


my main concern is if it’s exporting the entire .plist, whether or not it’s going to have a negative impact when importing to a different computer.

i’m pretty sure things like window size or toolbar placement are stored in the .plist so if i transfer to a computer with a smaller display, will some of UI elements fall outside of the screen size and end up ‘lost’ outside of the screen. ?

i don’t really have much time lately for experimenting with or fixing something like this but i suppose i could make a backup of the .plists in case something goes wrong when attempting to sync the installs.

You get to choose what you want to import with the ImportPreferences command. It does not import the entire .plist. There is no option for importing window locations.


hey marlin

oh, sweet. that sounds good.

(i obviously haven’t ran the commands yet as i wasn’t sure what to expect… the ability to choose what’s being imported sounds great. i’ll do it tonight. )


what is ‘Advanced Display’ ?

i was hoping it would be something to do with custom display modes but these aren’t syncing for me between different computers.

Advanced Display is the right choice for custom display modes. But, it isn’t working right. This will be fixed in the next WIP release.

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thanks marlin,
i’ll try it out at next WIP

Is it possible to import the Windows OptionsExport .ini files into Rhino 6 Mac WIP ?