Pref Setting: New Layers NOT visible in existing Details by Default?

Is there a preference setting somewhere to keep new layers from showing up in existing details?

Issue: If I have six sheets with multiple Details on them, and then I’ve been asked to add some “NewElement” to my model – but I don’t want NewElement to show up in all my Existing Details, I have to go back and deselect NewElement’sLayer from each and every existing detail.

Alternative: Is there a way to tell a Detail to ONLY SHOW LAYERS X,Y,Z? That way, all existing or newly-added geo in A thru W would not be visible, and same with NewElementLayer.
(And then of course, there would need to be a way to “turn off” that Detail’s condition in the case you realize, “crap, I do need all new layers to show up in this Detail…”

I know this type of question has been asked before, but I couldn’t find it in this specific way.


Hi -

That’s a frequently requested feature, yes.
I’ve added this thread to RH-10770.