Pref Setting: New Layers NOT visible in existing Details by Default?

Is there a preference setting somewhere to keep new layers from showing up in existing details?

Issue: If I have six sheets with multiple Details on them, and then I’ve been asked to add some “NewElement” to my model – but I don’t want NewElement to show up in all my Existing Details, I have to go back and deselect NewElement’sLayer from each and every existing detail.

Alternative: Is there a way to tell a Detail to ONLY SHOW LAYERS X,Y,Z? That way, all existing or newly-added geo in A thru W would not be visible, and same with NewElementLayer.
(And then of course, there would need to be a way to “turn off” that Detail’s condition in the case you realize, “crap, I do need all new layers to show up in this Detail…”

I know this type of question has been asked before, but I couldn’t find it in this specific way.


Hi -

That’s a frequently requested feature, yes.
I’ve added this thread to RH-10770.

Hi Alan,
Sorry I did not see this until a recent Forum search on similar issues.

Can you try this process in Rhino 7?

  1. In the Layout with the Detail active (this is important to access this option), create a new layer.
  2. Assign the geometry to that layer or create it on that new layer.
  3. Stay in the active Detail, right click on the layer and pick “Layer on in this Detail only.”

Does this work for you and alleviate the need to revisit all your details/layouts?

Now, currently there is no option to show 1) the layer in a selection of details or 2)in all details on this page only. There would need to be an improved UI to support “Layer on in these details only” or a selection of details or details on other layouts. That is currently on the pile of wishes as RH-71009.

Since the Forum is a searchable archive, I wanted to get this posted for other users who may be searching on this topic.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support

Hi @mary Thx for the reply. I believe that’s the converse of what I’m hoping for.

The dream is the Options to set the Default Visibility for New Layers created in model space to be:

A) Invisible in Existing Details (but visible in newly created details)

B) Invisible in All Details (i.e. Can’t be seen in both existing and newly created Details)

C) Visible in All Details (i.e. Can be seen in all existing and newly created Details)

I imagine this would by default show the “light bulb” in the layer panel as “off” in the layer panel for each of those layers, and then one could go into a detail and tick the bulb back On, as we presently do.

Additionally (working in concert with the Default Options mentioned above) maybe having something like the following Detail Visibility chooser would fulfill the back-end need to control things on a per-layer basis?

…in which the Red Bulb would be the Default Condition, should someone choose Option B, above. Yattah, yattah. :nerd_face:

Hi Alan,
Thank you for the reply with all the images.
Watch the Serengeti category for an announcement in a few weeks.
Then, I will address your wishes A,B & C and how it relates to the Rhino 8 WIP.
I figured out that the “Layer on in this Detail only" pick was missing from the right click menu on the layer in the Rhino 7 Mac platform. Since it is not a command but a function, there was no easy way to access it. This will be fixed in the Rhino for Mac 7 sr24 build, schedule to be released the week of November 8.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Seattle

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