[Postproduction] Rhino / Illustrator animated diagram

Hello everyone,

I am an architecture student and I like to make diagrams to illustrate my projects. To do so I use the “Make2D” command and then adjust the outlines, strokes and so on with Illustrator (in order to create “BIG-like” diagrams if you know what I mean).

My question is : is there a way to create animated diagrams or GIFs, for example creating animated exploded view of a model, but still being able to work on the outlines or colors of the model ?

Thank you for your help.

adobe animate would do that i believe. its generally pretty difficult at least for me, to get anything animated in rhino for mac, you can try with grasshopper which outputs each frame as an image but i have no experience other than having found a definition for animated camera movements like here How to make a rotating animation in rhino Mac

Thank you for you answer.

I know that animating in Rhino in possible, although I have never tried it, but the problem would be that I would have to work on each image in Illustrator over and over until I have done my complete animation.

I presume there could be a solution with After Effects but I don’t know how to use it, maybe someone can relate …

in rhino generally yes, but rhino for mac… not really…

I haven’t tried it but there might be a solution using a combination of layouts and grasshopper. So setting lineweights etc from within rhino and then using grasshopper to export each frame with those settings. You also might be able to set up a custom render with the correct lineweights and only export pngs of each frame instead of vector drawings.