Can I animate on V5.3.2?

I would like to do a basic animation but can’t work out how to do it, is it possible on Rhino V5.3.2. I can find the tool bar anywhere.

Cheers Simon.

“animation” is unfortunately not yet implemented in mac rhino. moreover the onboard animation tools in rhino for windows which probably will be coming to mac sooner or later, are also very limited meaning camera and sun animations only.

there is a grasshopper definition for a simple camera animation on this page which also works on mac. you can move and rotate objects in grasshopper using sliders, right click them to animate i dont have much experience with those but without a decent output render you will not have much fun there… something which might change soon either due to @nathanletwory implementing cycles into rhino. till then you can of course use any other plugin for rendering, depending on what you may need it for.

if you want more you should look at other software like c4d, maya, modo if money is not an issue otherwise freeware open source like blender seems to hold up very well.