Animating preview in Free Mac version

I’d like to to render an animated preview of a model in the 5.0 version of Rhino under Mac OS 10.9.1. Is this possible? or only available on the full PC version? If yes, how? Thanks.

Sorry, the commands necessary to do an animated preview of a model are not yet in Rhino for Mac.

What is an “animated preview”? Do you mean that you can set up an animation, but not render it, or not render the preview, or not set up an animation at all?

Thanks Dan. Do you know if it supprts the plug in called Bongo? Appreciate the support.

At this point, Rhino for Mac does not support plug-ins. They are getting closer to a release of McRhino and I would guess that plug-ins will be supported along the McRhino 5.x lifetime.

Since animating preview is not yet available in RhinoMac this might be an option for some.

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I believe a lot of (if not all) of Rhino’s plugins are written in Windows-specific development tools, so there likely won’t be any Mac plugins until there’s a new Mac SDK for plugin developers. That’s what i’ve read from a couple of plugin sites, like Grasshopper and T-splines.