Animate 2D perspective?

Hi . I am doing a project for my school. It is based on the Rubik cube and I would like to show a short clip of the disassembly rotating 360 degrees. I have the lines which I imported to illustrator. Please find attached the screenshot.
I would like to know if there is anyway to make them rotate in a 3d space…but with the look of the illustrator lines. I though in keyshot and use the toon material in order to ignore reflections and everything. I was wondering if Adobe have any package where we can animate a 3d file that comes from rhino but with illustrator lines look.


why not finishing it with keyshot if you have a toon shader already? i would use cinema4d since i know it, but a 100 years ago (joking of course) i used flash to do something like this, there is something like adobe animation now but i never used it. i guess grasshopper could bring you there with a plugin called centipede which i believe exports each frame as a obj file to the software of your choice.

taking this opportunity here i can only point out again that rhino would need some simple animation tool where things like that can be rendered in sequences without any fuss. simple camera rotations or movements at least with some nicely antialiased output for lines and other shadings.

Thanks Richard I went to keyshot. It got nice, but no lines can be rendered…so I did it without lines and just used the 3d blocks with a white material and blue outlines in the toon shader. I can upload the video if you want.



I’ve made some simple gifs using rhinos built in animation tools and pen mode display. It might get you pretty close to what your after.

do you know where are located those tools in rhino for mac?

unfortunately not yet implemented.

You could probably fake it by doing a radial array of your model with each one corresponding to a frame. Hide and screen capture them one at a time. That might be scriptable

I solved with keyshot. Thanks a lot!