Possible to include osnap modes in a command?

I’m on a roll here. Last one for today. :slight_smile:

I generally find the near osnap to be an irritant, but was thinking it might be handy to be able to have aliases like MoveNear CircleCen or LineEnd or BoxInt that builds in the osnap mode you want to use for that command…

Yes that possible. Just put the osnap after the command. For example _Line _mid _pause _mid will force the first and second osnap to a midpoint.

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Hrmm… Doesn’t seem to work for Move sadly. Am I doing it wrong? _Line worked.

are you looking to quick access these during a command? or maybe i don’t understand.

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No I basically want to make an alias that specifies osnaps… Like

Alias: MoveNear and then it runs _move _near

The construction stuff works… like _box _int _pause _int _pause _int

but the translation tools don’t seem to like scale1d, copy or move.

ahhh ok, cause if you did i might have a solution for you. oh well. :wink:

That should probably be _move _Pause _near because you need to move something