Possible bug in the Torus command

Hello friends,

I think there’s possibly a “bug” in the Torus command:

While using “FixInnerDimension = Yes” the command doesn’t let you use Diameter for the second dimension if the dimension you want is larger than the inner (fixed) dimension.

To replicate:

  1. Start the Torus command.

  2. Give it a dimension (this time, it doesn’t matter if in Diameter or Radius, lets say we’ll set Diameter to 10 for this example).

  3. Change “FixInnerDimension” to Yes.

  4. Now for the second dimension, Radius will always work, no matter how large it will be.

(The bug:) Diameter on the other hand could only be less than the “Inner Dimension” (while it’s fixed).

For example, if we had 10 for the inner dimension and it’s fixed, the second diameter couldn’t be 10 or more, it could only be 9.999 or less or else it wont set it.

If it was radius for the second dimension, it could’ve been any number.

Just to mention my Rhino 6 is updated with the latest service release candidate since today.

Thanks and Regards,

Roy Z.

Hi Roy - I fooled around with this a bit and did see what you report - it looks like it is related to when the options are invoked, because sometimes, it does do the right thing - I’ll poke at it some more. Thanks for the report.



@pascal Sure no problem :slight_smile: