Torus bug in Rhino6

I believe I found a bug in the torus tool in Rhino 6. I use the Torus command with the FixINnerDimension=Yes option all the time. Rhino 6 won’t let me enter a second diameter value that is larger than the first diameter.

I understand why you’d want to stop the command from trying this if you didn’t have FixInnerDimension on, but it shouldn’t apply to it when the option is on. Here’s an example:

First Diameter = 2.0 mm
Second diameter = 3.0 mm

If I just type in the values, I get the error “Second radius must be less than the first radius and greater than zero.” But these values obviously give me a valid torus.

Oddly enough, I can get around this by entering the first dimension as a diameter (2) and the second as a radius (1.5).

Can you fix this please?


  • Mike