Macro - conflict diameter option (bug?)

just wanted to share this:
a simple macro to draw a cylinder with fixed Diameter and height.
-_cylinder _pause _d 8 40
but please note that i do not like the “_d” but
-_cylinder _pause _diameter=8 40
is not working.

any better trick to solve the conflict of
(and _radius)
being a nestable command, but also an option in this case of _cylinder ?

i would call it a (minor) bug.
or is there some fine-tuning to identify _diameter as an option in a macro ?


kind regards -tom

Hi Tom - I am not sure I follow but you can always spell out the option name -
-_cylinder _pause _diameter 8 40


did you try it ?
_diameter will call the nested _diameter command to meassure a diameter

Heh - well, it depends what mode the command was last run in - I would say this is a buggish thing indeed because Diameter does not appear as an option if it was run as Diameter previously - that is why it runs the nested command, while ‘d’ is ignored, or runs a ‘d’ alias (here, the ‘d’ calls my alias for Copy > InPlace)

RH-70342 Cylinder macro


yep. but it does not make sense to have
once a radius of 8 and other time a diameter of 8
compared to other macros / commands with numeric / double options i would expect
-_cylinder _pause _diameter=8 40
to work (which doesn 't )
or any other approach that the numeric input always adresses the diameter ?