Polysurface to Surface

I created a polysurface by Boolean several surfaces (tried “mergesrf” for this, didn’t work).
Now, I want to work with this polysurface (rebuild etc.) so I need to turn it into a surface.
Any advice?

Hi Shir,

MergeSrf only works with untrimmed surface pairs, if they are trimmed edges it won’t work. I would need to see the surfaces in question to know if this would help but you may try Untrim on the trimmed edges and then be able to MatchSrf and finally MergeSrf to get to a single srf. Usually remodeling as a single srf can be faster than this though. If the goal is to control point edit the model, I would consider CageEdit on the polysrf instead.

Shir, maybe you just need to explode your polysurf, or extract surfs from it.

A solution is, convert all the edges in curves and then create a surface

Explode the polysrf. Use MrgSrf on 2 surfaces at a time.

Had the same problem, worked for me in rhino 6.3+
Had problems with earlier Rhino versions.